Friday, October 21, 2011

The Never{ever}ending Rain

This past weekend we had Aaron's friends Tyson and Parker stay with us. We were pretty excited to show them beautiful sunny Florida rained every single minute! We were crossing our fingers as we drove to Key Largo, about an hour away from Miami. Despite the overcast weather, the forecast showed that it would clear up by the time we got there.  Usually the weather is very pleasant but Saturday was rainy, cold, and overcast. Our plans to go snorkeling were shot down.

Tyson, Aaron & Parker
 After much deliberation we thought heading to the Everglades might be fun since we couldn't do much on the beach. We went to the Alligator Farm in Homestead.

We arrived right on time for alligator feeding. There were hundreds of alligators just sitting around like they were waiting to be fed. But here's a little fact, alligators can eat one meal that  lasts them an entire year since they don't have fast metabolisms. hmm..wish I were the same.

 He has a stub of a hand.

Next was the Airboat ride. We got our socks knocked off. It was so fun zipping through the everglades and skidding through some 360 degree turns. Our guide was pretty funny. He was the epitome of hillbilly/white trash and that's my kind of man!

 We were a little famished so before heading to the snake show, we got a something to hold us over - Gator Bites. Yup. Think chicken nuggets but replace the chicken with gator meat. Tastes like chicken though!

 To end our day, we ate at a famous fish place that overlooks the Miami River. The food was so good and the Cuban ambiance and outdoor seating was refreshing.

Yellowtail before
 and after!

I dared Aaron to finish the fish off by eating it's eyeball. I believe the pictures say it all...