Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New & Old Friends

One pretty cool thing about Florida is we have a lot of visitors. I'm not talking friends and family so much (even though I wish that was the case), but rather the reptile and amphibian kind. We first moved here in the middle of hurricane season. When it would really start pouring down, I would peek out toward our screened porch, and without fail, our cute frog/toad. 

Pretty cute, right? He would sneak in through a tear we have in the screen and seemed to have a hard time finding his way back out. Since hurricane season is over (thank goodness) we haven't seen him or expected to  have him come visit us.

Just last week Aaron was being a good home teacher and helped cut down a cumbersome tree. In the process he came across a our new friend that we named Crosby. He loves him. The day he brought him home in a milk jug he wanted to build him a nice place to stay. He came home from Home Depot equipped to build him a comfortable living arrangement on our back porch.

Crosby the Cuban Knight Anole 
 (who unfortunately has anorexia)

As I went back to see how he liked his new home, I also noticed our old friend was back there.
Definitely an old friend now....:(