Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miami Dade County Fair

On Monday, Aaron and I tagged along with the Herrero family for the 61st  Annual Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition.  

He's both nervous and excited.
                                          Intrigued by all the colors

First and foremost we went to the circus show. We saw some crazy stuff in there!

Mike, Cora, Aaron and I waiting for the show

The Herreros are county fair enthusiasts. They bring their kids to the fair since they were little,  and still come every year. They knew exactly what to eat, what shows to go to and what to avoid.

Angel, Maria Elena, me and Aaron
The only thing Aaron really wanted to do before we left was to shoot some hoops and win a prize.
Let's just say the prizes were lame anyway :)

This is exactly what it looks like. A krispy kreme doughnut + hamburger. We opted out of trying that out but we did eat our very first elephant ear.

We sure enjoyed ourselves and spending time with our friends. We ended the night by watching an ice skating show. It was both terrible and exciting. The highlight was see one of the male skaters pick his wedgie on stage.

 It was fun to have a carnival experience and guess what it might be like to actually be a carney. It may not be a glamorous life but it's at least a good conversation starter. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet Zoey

We just couldn't say no.

We had discussed last Friday that it would be fun to have a pet. Aaron loves snakes and I love cute things like bunnies and puppies so likewise we thought a turtle would be a great pet. It really doesn't make sense for several reasons:

1. I had a box turtle when I was younger. I got tired of feeding it so I stopped and eventually it died. 

Okay, that's the only real reason why I shouldn't be taking care of another turtle. In my defense, I was young, impressionable and never had a leopard tortoise. 
We headed to a pet store called "Snakes on Sunset". The very first thing that we saw was this cute thing bustin' a move. There were other tortoises, sure, but she was the cutest and incredibly mobile for such a small thing. Aaron and I both had that look in our eyes, the "I'm meeting my son/daughter for the first time" look and agreed that we had to have her.