Tuesday, October 2, 2012

July: Snorkeling in the Keys

We had heard so many great things about snorkeling in the Florida Keys. It's one of the top snorkeling locations in the world. Aaron had bought us both snorkeling gear soon after we moved to Florida. We would take our stuff out to the ocean so I could get use to the gear. There wasn't a ton to see in Key Biscayne so we were excited to get a good opportunity.

 Our friends Mike and Cora invited us to come down to Marathon which is halfway between Key Largo and Key West. Cora's mom and stepdad live out there and were gracious to let us hang with them. We ate a bunch of fresh fruit before we we headed out on the water. Besides the us and the Herreros. Cora's parentals and brother and boat owner were on the boat. It wasn't the best day for boating just because it was pretty windy which meant the water was choppy.
We went out to the middle of the no man's land where there was a lighthouse. We got our gear on and started jumping in the water one at a time. As soon as the boat stopped, the boat was rocking back and forth quite a lot. I started getting queasy but thought that getting into the water would help out.

 We swam around for about five minutes and saw some pretty cool things like a Baracuda and some pretty coral and fish. Unfortunately the water was only making me sicker. I wanted to get back on the boat pronto. I ripped off my snorkeling gear and layed down on the boat. After about ten minutes everyone started getting back on the boat. It just wasn't a good day to see everything we wanted because it was so choppy. The boat started back up and I felt the immediate urge to up chuck, which I did, and made a good meal for the little fishies on the side of the boat. Pretty embarrassing but I guess it could have been much worse if I wouldn't have made it.  By the time we got back on land I was feeling better. We went to a really pretty beach and did some more snorkeling and relaxing. Afterwards, we cleaned up and went to some fresh seafood!

Waiting to try our very first Deep-fried Florida Key Lime Pie! So yummy and so worth the experience.